A showcase of a mysterious world full of traditions, culture, elegance and sophistication.
The finest antique Oriental-style changes and ease of use.

Every piece is selected directly to ensure authenticity, uniqueness and quality materials. Tibet with its perfumes, Mongolia, with its silence, with his quiet Japan and China with its long history is only the gateway to create a refined and combine the ancient to modern.

Cupboards and sideboards of a rare importance, with their fine embroidery and paintings, will allow you to decorate with elegance and simplicity, high-quality lacquer furniture, cabinets and tables give that extra touch when you want to embellish.

Chairs, armchairs and thrones will give to the table a noble story to tell, for that exotic trip you will take forever with you.

And as if by magic it comes to objects.
That stone found on the bank of a market, lost in the most remote village in the East, statues of gods unknown to us but which contain a new world of discovery; imperial seals, signature of authority belonged to the past.
who knows who these items belonged.

The antique dealer, interior designer and the designer in today's hectic pace can no longer find the time to research and discovery, will find here their own corner of the East, accompanied by a warm family atmosphere and a “kindness of the past”.